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Work At Heights Course: All The Information You Need

Are you looking for height-related employment in Australia? In that case, you must be aware of the work at heights course. Anyone who works at heights should take this course, designed to give them the fundamental safety training they need to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. This post will discuss the prerequisites for the work at heights course, how long it takes to finish, and whether a certificate is required to work at heights in Australia. Let’s dive in!

All About The Work At Heights Course

●     What Does The Work At Heights Training Entail, And How Long Does It Take?

Work at heights courses aim to instruct participants on the safe methods and techniques on how to work safely at heights, whether on a ladder, scaffold, or any other elevated workplace. The course covers the pertinent Australian laws, rules, and industry norms, as well as the essential safety precautions that must be taken when working in such environments.

Working with ropes, ladders, scaffolding, and fall prevention systems are some topics covered in this course. The training also contains real-world examples and examinations to ensure students comprehend the theories and methods covered. Participants develop skills for identifying risks and creating plans for safe work procedures.

The lesson also covers personal protection equipment and how to perform rescues in case someone falls from a height. Participants who complete the course will obtain a certificate of completion, a crucial document to be authorised to work at heights in Australia.

The work at heights course length varies by the type of training provider in Australia. The course can typically be completed in a half-day to a full-day, with some providers offering online versions that take about 4 hours to complete.

Learners will receive a certificate of completion after the course, which is good for two years. This certificate proves the learner received the necessary instruction in safe work practices at heights, which is crucial when working in this setting.

●     Is A Certificate Required To Work At Heights In Australia?

The answer relies on the type of work you are performing and your current state. However, some jurisdictions or industries may require employers to have a certificate to work at heights securely and successfully.

For instance, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation in Victoria mandates that employees who engage in high-risk activities, such as working at heights, must have a High-Risk Work Licence. Check your local laws, as other states can have standards that are similar to yours.

Additionally, employers may demand that employees possess a certificate of proficiency or training to prove they possess the abilities and expertise required to perform safely and successfully at heights. If this is the case, your employer must tell you the necessary certifications and how to get them.

Finally, the working at heights certificate’s validity in Australia varies depending on the specific training provider. However, in general, the certificate is good for two years. Therefore, if you want to continue working at heights in Australia, you must renew your certificate every two years.

To stay modernised with industry standards and safety laws, you may be required to take refresher courses even after your certificate has expired. Knowing the requirements for your job or employers is crucial because some might need a more recent certificate than the one you now possess.

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