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What can security screens do for your Gold Coast home?

Homes on the Gold Coast wanting to stay on the safe side at all times need security measures such as security screens, Gold Coast. Installing security screens, Gold Coast on your home helps to keep it safe.

Yet, there are other reasons to make security screens, Gold Coast become an important home accessory.

Keeps your home securely cool and comfortable

Security screens become highly popular as the weather starts to warm up. It is because installing security screens on windows and doors of a home keeps it securely cool and comfortable. The cool breeze from outside flowing easily through the screen to your home keeps it cool without having to sacrifice safety.

An air-conditioning system is not the only way to keep the temperature in the home comfortable during summer. A more affordable and environmentally-friendly way of cooling the home is by installing windows and doors with security screens.

Mould growth due to summer humidity is prevented from happening when the home enjoys a natural airflow.

Child-proof security screens for a multi-storey home

Window restrictors are state regulations for multi-storey homes on the Gold Coast. State regulations state that opening windows on the upper levels should not be more than 125mm. The risk of falling especially with children is reduced by window restrictors.

Fortunately, installing security screens on windows and doors of multi-storey homes does away with window restrictors. It means that the safety of your family as well as compliance with regulations is ensured by installing security screens on windows.

Fire safety

Fire is a hazardous risk for many homes on the Gold Coast. Minimising the risk of fire is by opting for a BAL-rated security screen. Installing BAL-rated security screens on windows and doors helps to protect the home from fire.

A good deterrent for thieves

Intruders are deterred when they see windows and homes safely secured by security screens. Leaving the home during holidays can often bring on anxiety and stress. The best way to enjoy peace of mind during holiday trips is to have the home secured by security screens.

Pet-safe security screens

Standard flyscreens are not pet-proof. Replacing flyscreens regularly because of pets wanting to go outside can become a nuisance. The best way to protect your pets and do away with regular replacement of screens on your windows and doors is to opt for security screens.

Home security

Keeping the home safe is the top reason for people opting for security screens. It is because the safest place to be for you and your family is the home. It is also your biggest asset and protecting it makes sense.

The marine mesh security screens or perforated aluminum designs of criminal safe security doors and screens ensure quality protection for your home at all times.

See-through security screens for uninterrupted views

Security screens are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Installing a see-through type of security screen allows you uninterrupted views from outside the home. This type of security screen is highly popular with moms wanting to keep an eye on their kids as they play in the garden. Or choosing this type of screen is for anyone wanting to have unrestricted views of the outside world.

Keep pests off

Opening windows and doors during summer is the best way to let the breeze flow inside the home. However, it also serves as an open invitation for mosquitoes, flies, and other insects to enter the home. Security screens provide the perfect solution for keeping pests out.





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